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The Ultimate College Planning Podcast #2: Successful Life & College Planning Strategies for Students & Parents with Casey O’Roarty

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Key strategies students and parents can use to help them become successful in school and in the college planning process
  • Common limiting beliefs students have and how to overcome them
  • The crucial role parents play in the college planning process
  • How to best find your identity and avoid delayed onset of maturity
  • Life skills that are paramount for healthy and successful development and growth

On today’s episode, we interview Casey O’Roarty, a student Life Coach and Certified Positive Discipline Trainer. Casey shares important foundational success strategies that help students become more independent, confident, and healthy individuals. Casey believes that the foundation to healthy growth and enrichment begins with positive development, empowering relationships, and strategic skill-building. She also believes that authentic, compassionate and supportive relationships between the parent and student is key to success of the student both in school and in the college planning process. Also, creating an environment of connection, but firmness, and instilling and practicing modeling techniques is key to healthy family relationships.