Dr. Jeff & Dr. Brian Haig - The Experts in College Planning and Student Success.

The Ultimate College Planning Podcast #3: Recent Success Stories with College Planning Expert Dr. Jeff Haig

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How Dr. Jeff Haig’s students were able to achieve remarkable success in the college admissions process this year
  • What strategies were effective in getting tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships including half-and-full ride tuitions
  • Why beginning as early as possible in college planning is crucial for college admissions success
  • What strategies you can use right now to become more successful in the college planning and application process!

On today’s episode, Dr. Brian Haig interviews Dr. Jeff Haig, a nationally recognized college planning expert, 20-time international award-winning author, national education columnist, college professor, and regional director for the UCLA Scholarship Admissions Committee. Dr. Haig shares important strategies on what worked this year for his students in the college planning and applications process.

His students had great success in not only getting fantastic college acceptances, but also in getting tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships, including half-and-full-ride tuitions. Dr. Haig believes that college planning is all about having a game plan, a strategic plan of action that is purposeful and specific.

He will reveal important information and strategies that you can use to produce maximum results in the college planning and application process!