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How to Have a Great School Year

School is officially back in session! With classes starting and extracurricular activities getting underway, there will once again be that group of students who outperforms everyone else. Why is it that some students just seem to be smarter, more talented, and more athletic than all the other students? What is it about this group of […]

Choosing the Right Major

Whether or not you should go to college is often an easy decision to make. College attendance has become the norm for many families and is often seen as the expected extension of K-12 education. However, unlike high school, colleges offer an extensive array of courses, and you get to dictate the classes you take. The major you choose will greatly impact your class selection. Therefore, picking a major is a critical decision. Read to learn foundational strategies in this article that will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, help you to explore a variety of majors suited to you, and ultimately help you find the career and major that are your ideal fit.

The Importance of Health and Fitness in College Planning and Student Success

Health and fitness is a subject not commonly talked about in the realm of college planning and student success, but it is an important, foundational area in a student’s overall success game plan. Research has shown that there are significant benefits to eating a nutritious diet and incorporating a regular exercise regimen into a student’s life. In fact, not adhering to a healthy diet and leading a sedentary lifestyle has been shown to have many negative success performance outcomes. And it is how students intentionally approach the success roadmap by making health and fitness an essential part of their lives that makes all the difference. In this article, we are going to show you what the hard facts are–what the research has shown about how incorporating a healthy diet and regular exercise is crucial, and a game changer, to the success of a student, and his/her ability to reach his/her full educational potential.

The Numbers Part of Your Application

Preparing for college admissions requires a lot of important, strategic steps. While many colleges will want to read essays, letters of recommendation, and also interview prospective candidates, the “numbers” part of your application is still going to be the most important area to focus on. 

Many people think the numbers part of your application is just your grades and SAT/ACT score. While these are the key aspects of the quantitative part of your application, AP, Subject test scores, and additional coursework can also play a meaningful role. Let’s review the key areas of the quantitative part of your application to get a better understanding of what admissions officers look at:

5 Steps to Help You Persevere in Your College Admissions Game Plan

In this blog article, we are going to share with you how to persevere with your college admissions game plan, and what steps you can take to ensure your success. Through your college admissions journey, you are going to experience challenges, obstacles, and setbacks, and it is important for you to understand that this is a normal, and natural, part of achieving educational goals, including the journey to getting into one of your choice colleges. It’s the students who persevere and stay focused on their goals who are the ones that are ultimately rewarded in the end. To help you stay on track with your goals, here are five strategies to help you succeed:

The Power of Goal-Setting

     Goal-setting is an important habit to get into for effective college planning. If you want to have more success with college acceptances and earn a lot of scholarships along the way, then the powerful habit of goal-setting is essential. It’s a proven fact that by setting clear, specific, and time-dependent goals, you greatly increase your chances of accomplishing those goals. Here are 7 steps for successfully setting effective goals.

Developing a Back to School Winning Game Plan

We hope you had a great summer. As the school year is now back in session, it’s important to develop a strategic game plan that will help you to become as successful as possible. The goal is to develop a plan that will earn you acceptance into the college of your choice, with as much free money as possible.

To help you develop a strategic game plan for the school year, it’s important that you know which areas to focus on. Here are five key areas that can make a big difference in how you are viewed by college admission officers: